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Scented Candle by Katie Craig

Smell has always been important to me – I like to smell nice and I like my home to smell nice. Smell is hugely important. So when it comes to making a house a home decorating with smell is as important as the paint on the walls.

A smell can trigger a memory be it good or bad, it can remind us of things that happened in our childhood, important events in our life. The smell of a freshly painted house – well that reminds me of being a child at Christmas – just before Christmas, just before putting the tree up my mum would always find somewhere in the house that needed painting!!

Roses that remind me of being in labour with my children, Lavender reminds me of my babies – I used it on their sheets, they always had that lovely fresh smell.

The smell of horses is one of the most calming and comforting smells I know – it stopped me feling sick when I was pregnant.

So smell matters and the smell of your home can leave a lasting impression so make it a great one!

Reed Room Diffuser by Katie Craig

Decorating with smell – making your home smell great

  • Light some scented candles
  • Use a reed diffuser in your home – place it a central position and the aroma will gently drift through
  • Add a few drops of esential to water and burn in an oil burner or fill a sutiabe container and hang on the radiator as the water evaporates the oil molecules will evaporate
  • To get rid of kitchen smells gently simmer some herbs such as rosemary, thyme, lemon balm
  • I like pebbles and stones so I put a few drops of essential oils on them and place them around the house
  • Scented soaps in drawers and in the airing cupboard will leave your clothes and linens smelling fresh

If you enter somewhere new – do you smell it first and then notice how it is painted and furnished?

Decorating with smell, the scent of a room is just as important as the lighting, the decor or the furnishings – so you need to think about it. Do you match your perfumes to your mood? Should you match your room scent to the seasons?

So when you are deciding how to decorate with smell in your home think

  • What does it say?
  • What scents do I like, herbs, spices, floral, coffee?
  • What will the aromas in my home say about me and about my home?

Fresh and floral aromas in your home will give the feeling of space – think outdoors, the garden
Spices, give you the feeling of warm, cosy such ginger, cinnamon – think log fires, Christmas. Spicey smells tend to be heavier and stonger so you will need less of them.

You dont need to do one or the other mix and match, just like paint and colours, dont be scared to experiment.

3 wick scented candle by Katie Craig

Candle light is wonderful be it in the bathroom or the kitchen, scented candles are just even more wonderful.

In the garden in summer try a citronella or a geranium scnted candle to help keep the bugs away.

What are your favourite aromas, florals or warm and spicy? Do you have a smell that evokes a memory?

Till next time and thank you for reading

Katie x

Do you have a favourite subject for the posts that I write? What do you like to read, is it cooking & baking, home style, the garden, please do let me know

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