How to make Roasted Pepper Tapenade

Good morning, how are the holidays going? Have your children driven to distraction yet? Generally we are having good holidays, the children are a bit rowdy some of the time, bit I geuss as I was told earlier today – ‘chill out mummy’ – I’ll try – so where shall we go and what shall Read More

July in My Garden

Anyway I am not going to say too much – I will let the pictures say it all this is July in my garden Till next time and thank you for reading Katie x

Things to do in the Holidays

Well here we are the holidays are rolling on and we all seem to have fallen into that sort of holiday mode – even the children are waking up later – gosh am I really managing to tire them out? so Things to do in the holidays . . So what to do : Bike Read More

Victoria Sponge Cake

Another day – how are you ? Still enjoying the summer holidays? I hope so reagrdless of the weather I enjoy being with my children, seeing them play and have fun – I agree there are times when being a referee becomes tiring but all in all I am glad to be able to look Read More