How to make Damson Jam – with no stones

Damsons are in abundance this year, they were out early and still on the trees. Damson Jam I love but I dont like the stones in it and I dont have time to take all of the stones out when I am making Damson Jam, so what to do . . . How to make Read More

How to make Plum Jam

The season of Jams and Chutneys – so here we are a taste of the season, Plum Jam. I have a basic rule for Jams and Jellies. When making JAM I measure out the quantity of fruit that I am usingas this dictates the amoun of sugar that I will use, however when making a Read More

Blackberry Jelly

Fruits and Flowers of the season, the golden days of summer as August draws to a close and the end of our summer is gradually coming close. Summer is gradually giving way, but as it does so it offers us a bountiful supply of summer loveliness  Рit is such a wonderful time right now. Read More