How to Make Lavender Bags

How to make Lavender Bags – handmade lavender bags a great present for a Mum, Grandma, Auntie and with Mothering Sunday happening ( in the UK) on March 18th, how lovely would it be to give a set of handmade lavender bags.  Use them to scent drawers, wardrobe or shoe boxes. A handmade gift is always Read More

Blueberry and Lavender Muffins

As the summer fades and we look forward to Autumn with Blueberry and Lavender Muffins – Fruits of the season with a last bit of summer. To make your Blueberry and Lavender Muffins use the basic muffin mix Blueberry and Lavender Muffins 120g (4oz) Butter 120g (4oz) Castor Sugar 180g (6oz) Self Raising Flour 1tsp Baking Read More

Lavender Blue

Lavender’s Blue dilly dilly Lavender’s green When I am king . . . . Following in the theme of Fruits, Flowers and Tastes of the Season . . . Now is the time for Lavender, if you have Lavender growing in your garden then now is the time to cut and dry it. Cut yourself a bunch, Read More

A Room in the Garden – Part Two

How are things with you today? The weather here isn’t fantastic but that’s never stopped us. How are your holidays going? Yesterday we caught up with freinds we dont get to see very often, but how lovely it was adults and children alike just picked up from where we left off last year. We have Read More