Beetroot Chutney

Autumn is a fantastic time for cooking – the garden has produced so much over the summer. Beetroot is one of my favourite veges, it is grown with abundance in the garden and I am always trying to think of recipes for it. Beetroot is great as a vege to accompany many dishes but a Read More

How to make Damson Jam – with no stones

Damsons are in abundance this year, they were out early and still on the trees. Damson Jam I love but I dont like the stones in it and I dont have time to take all of the stones out when I am making Damson Jam, so what to do . . . How to make Read More

Apple and Cinnamon Crunch

The apples are ready, so cooking is all about apples, chutneys, muffins and puddings. Apples Day 1 is Apple and Cinnamon Crunch. My granny used to make this in fact the recipe for the Apple Crunch Muffins on Wednesday also comes from Granny, with just a bit of a twist from me! Apple and Cinnamon Read More

How to make Plum Jam

The season of Jams and Chutneys – so here we are a taste of the season, Plum Jam. I have a basic rule for Jams and Jellies. When making JAM I measure out the quantity of fruit that I am usingas this dictates the amoun of sugar that I will use, however when making a Read More