Easter Nest Cupcakes

Easter cakes with a difference. I am always trying to think of different cakes to do for Easter and I am sure you are to. I dont know what happens in your house but here, if I ask the question what kind of cakes shall we make, the answer always seems to involve chocolate! So Read More

Cappuccino Cake

As much my children love all things chocolate there are times when it is rather nice to make something a little different – so for coffee lovers everywhere, I came up with my Cappaccino Cake. You will need will need: For your cake 80z (225g) Self Raising Flour 8oz (225g) Castor Sugar 8oz (225g ) Butter Read More

Make the Perfect Lemon Drizzle Cake

I made this lemon drizzle cake because I had some friends coming over and sometimes you need a little something to have with that cup of tea, it was eaten with pleasure.  I love that I am able to share it with you. I would also add that the lemon muffins (made from the same recipe) are now on the Read More


Home baking everybody loves a home baked cake – or at least they seem to! I love to bake the cakes, my children and (my husband and freinds) like to eat them. In the last year it has become even more fun, I now have a helper (and a very useful one) Lottie, my little girl Read More