Things to do in the Holidays

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Well here we are the holidays are rolling on and we all seem to have fallen into that sort of holiday mode – even the children are waking up later – gosh am I really managing to tire them out? so Things to do in the holidays . .

So what to do :

Bike Rides – take the children and the dog and a picnic

 1 mile to go

Southdowns Way

Children and Livingstone

 We are lucky eneough to live near part of the Southdowns Way so going for a cycle is always a good one. This part of the Southdowns Way is part of the old railway line so thanks to the cuts of Dr Beecham we have a safe cycle track. We cycle to Cranleigh somewhere around an 8 mile cylce but with the promise of a picnic enroute and then coffee and cakes when we get there I usually have two willing children and a dog who is always keen to go. So why not find out about cycle tracks around you – you could let me know and I could publish a good giude to safe cycle tracks by you.

Set up Camp and Cook Outside

Biulding a Fire Pit

Cooking in the Fire Pit

Last week we biult a firepit in the garden. We chose a spot away from the house – as the mum who cooks and has to carry everything to and from this wasn’t such a wise move! – but as a more authentic camp it was certainy more Swallows and Amazons

How we did it . .

Our pit is aprox 3 spade widths  by 2 spade widths and a spades depth. We placed bricksaround the edge to top sparks going on to the grass. For the grill we used the grill from our old bbq. We placed some bricks on the inside for the grill to sit on and that’s it. A bit of hard work in the digging but other wise not too difficult.

We have had such a lot of fun with this – Alexander has shown his outdoor skills and gathers the wod and lights the fire. We have cooked suasages, roasted peppers, made bread, and last night we even managed spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce, mussels and prawns, followed by baked bannana with lashings of meltd chocolate – a little bit adventurous I admit, but we had lots of fun all helped by being able to sit and watch the sun go down with a glass of wine in hand.




If you dont want to stay in the garden, then there is always the beach, we packed a picnic and headed off on Tuesday, the waves were good and big eneough to do some good body boarding.  We were hoping to go again on Friday – hoping the rain clouds will clear up!

For a spot of culture and fun The National Trust are doing a special childrens deal during August where all children go free so that might just be worth a look. If you are looking to join the National Trust then National Trust for Scotland are a bit less expensive, you dont need to live in Scotland and it will still give you access to all of the properties in Scotland England, Ireland and Wales

So go on get out there and even if you are at home this summer – you can still have memorable times.

Anymore ideas ?- let me know and together we can share

Whatever you do have fun, even if it is raining remember ‘Summertime and the Living is Easy’?

Take care and thank you for reading, till next time

Katie x

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