The Sun is always Shining and Zoe comes Home

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The sun is always shining – or at least above the clouds it is!

This is what I have had to tell myself for the last few weeks when rain in biblical proportions  has fallen here.

The utility room has become the MUD room, huge amounts of the stuff wherever you go,  the garden became a swamp, the seeds of red poppies, blue cornflour and white daisies, the flowers that were to be the backdrop to the jubilee party have been washed to somewhere else, where – we shall no doubt find out out in time. Still I am sure they will grow and bloom just not where I had planned, never mind!

BUT . . this week hasn’t been all bad because when the sun did shine it was worth waiting for

The apple blossom is magnificent


The view from my kitchen wasn’t all bad

We had the addition to the family of a 2nd four legged freind, – 6 months old and gorgeous Zoe

The new website is up and running . . – not completely filled with all the info but getting there. Soon all the recipes and information will move over, this will remain as the blog and will go back to just that, but I’ll tell you when.

So all in all not too bad a week – it’s still raining, but at home the sun is always shining somewhere.

Take care, and thank you for reading

Katie x


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