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And so it was after a weekend of wonderful weather, yesterday was the day we headed for the beach. Now we had said that during the Easter Hols we would make it to the beach, however what I didn’t realise is that it would be bikini tops and shorts!

We always head for the same beach, the beach that I have gone to since the children were born, in fact it is the beach where I met my husband.

It is a beach that is just so lovely be it Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, we enjoy sitting on this beach wearing thermals and jumpers or shorts and bikinis.

Each year we spend many happy hours here playing with the children, reading, running with the dog.

It is our beach where our memories are being made, it is the beach where I hope one day my children will bring their children and they will remember the happy times that they had here.


Quite often we seem to be one of the last to leave regardless of the time of year we go, I love to watch as the waves spill onto the sand, the beach is clearing and the sun is setting, the quiet before tomorrow’s visitors arrive.

Have a lovely day, with Easter holidays in full swing we are off to have fun, not quite sure what we are doing today, maybe a bike ride.

Take care and thank you for reading, till next time

Katie x

PS have added a few more things to

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