Summer Time and the Living is Easy

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It’s summertime and the living is easy
Fish are jumping and the cotton is high

. . . . Or at least that is  how it should be.

Instead what it seems we are doing is . . .

Singing in the rain
I’m singing in the rain

Summer rain – With my daughter already on her summer holidays and my son off on a school trip It is time to think about what to do in the rain.

How about putting on your waterproofs and wellies and . . .Go for a walk or Splash through some puddles on your bike

or you could . .

  • Paint a flower pot
  • Tidy out the drawer that you have always meant to do
  • Curl up with a good book and read a story
  • Give yourself and your daughter a pedicure – every girl loves it and when the sun shines your nails will sparkle
  • Art, start on the art project you always meant to do, children love it, do some finger painting
  • Make a garden lantern
  • Sort out your photos

So my daughter and I are off to find our wellies, get on our bikes and go to buy some paints and paper and have a quick coffee at my little girls favourite coffee shop and  HAVE FUN regardless of the weather . . . oh but unerneath the wellies the toenails will be perfectly sparkling!!

OK that’s my list for now, what are you doing in the rain? Leave me a comment and share your ideas.

How many song titles can you think of with the word RAIN in the title? . . or perhaps if we all think of the word sun it will shine – here’s hoping

Take care till next time

Katie x

Although it rained on Saturday, we still took our darling doggy into the dog show and he won FIRST Prize, who is a clever boy. Take a sneak peek at a very proud butterfly with her dog.

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