Six Good Reasons To Write a Journal

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How many of you keep a bullet journal? Journaling has become a popular past time of many. It seems that a journal is more than just a diary, it is a notebook in which we write our inner most thoughts, our goals, our achievements and also the things we didn’t do so well, a place where we can essentially be yourself without being judged.

It is place to doodle, a place to dwell, to write poetry or songs, in essence a journal is yours, it is a personal place where we can document our life, write our problem and ask a question, we  may even be surprised to find an answer. Writing by hand can spark creativity from within. Writing allows us to take stock of our life, our situation, our feelings, it can make the worst situation easier to deal with, it can also be a record to remember the good things and the positivity that we can have.

Six good reasons to write a journal are:

Journals as Creative Portals

Writing a journal puts us in touch with our inner most thoughts. It allows us to take a step back from life and reflect. A space to clear our thoughts, solve problems by finding creative solution.

Goal Achieving

By writing down our goals they become real, but writing them also allows us to expand upon them, highlight parts, assess what is important, keep progress reports, how well are we doing, prioritise the important, achieve our goal.

Write down your achievements; highlight the good, if there is a time when we are feeling down, relive the good times. Equally the things that didn’t go so well, we must be honest with ourselves, why didn’t it go well? Write it down as a reminder why we shouldn’t do it that way.

The Path Forward

It makes us look at the ‘next step’ by writing down our achievements we are automatically thinking about ‘where to now’; we are then actively looking to the next step

Your Ideas Incubator

A place tocapture our ideas, write them down, make our dreams happen. Start with your idea, where do you want it to go, how can you achieve this, link to your goals

Stress Relief

A problem shared is a problem halved! Share your thoughts and emotions with your journal, by writing we switch on the creative brain, solutions can appear, equally by writing down the problem it can take the edge off any toxic thoughts. Offload your emotions about a situation, – say what you think, in a place where there is no one to judge. Writing is a great of cleansing, of letting go.


By writing we can  improve our ability to communicate, it can improve clarity of thought, making it easier for you to get your point across during a conversation.

A journal acts as our timeline to our past, present and future, it offers us clarity of thought, it allows us to plan and strategise, it offers us solace when times are tough and freedom of expression to be ourself.

All you need is to pick out a notebook you really love, embellish it, personalise it, make it yours. Enjoy.

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