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This is a very quick craft project but one that could keep your children occupied for – well at least a little time! It is Pot Painting. Great for a childrens party, an Easter present – fill it with eggs real or chocolate, a Mothers Day present, and what Grandma woudn’t just adore it planted up with bulbs or flowers?

It is such a lovely thing to do and so so easy. It all happened quite by accident, my son had to paint a pot for a show at school, now he spent a lot of time painting this pot and understandably wanted to plant it up once he had finished.

Once planted it looked fantastic and so I thought that these simple painted pots would make such super presents for grandma, teacher, freinds mum’s and of couse they are lovely to have around.

So what do we need

  • 1 terracota pot
  • Poster paints
  • Piant brush
  • Black marker pen
  • Varnish
  • A great imagination!

Now simply decide what you want to paint and be creative. You must ensure that the pot you use is DRY otherwise the paint will soak into it, which brings me to the next impotant point  the paints you use have to be quite thick, the more water you use the more the colour will soak into the pot and disappear with your design.

The designs aren’t perfect but I do love the fact that this is something done by my children so whatever the design they are now very treasured and very special.

So apply your paint with a resonably dry brush. Once the paint is dry you may want to outline your design with a black marker. This gives it more definition.

Once you have your finished design you can varnish your pot – this will stop your painting from being washed off or disappearing. Leave to dry and then plant it up.

Planted up with spring bulbs and spring plants they make fantastic Mothers Day presents, Easter presents, or you could fill them with chocolate eggs or for a present that will last and last plant them up with some summer seeds.

Have fun and happy painting.

Dont forget to tell me what you painted and what you filled them with.

Look forward to hearing from you, till next time

Katie x

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