Petworth a Market Town in West Sussex

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During the easter hols we visited Petworth, a market town in West Sussex. Why Petworth what does this town have? Well quite a lot it would seem! In the days before children, Graham (the husband) and I went to Petworth for lunch and a browse.

Now we regularly drive through Petworth on the way to the beach. As we drive through on the the main road it goes past a rather lovely little coffee shop called the Coco Cafe and Sugar Lounge, my children keep suggesting that we should stop for coffee, so during the hols when Grandma was visiting we decided to stop and what a treat.

The coffee was lovely, as was the hot chocolate ( my son was chief taster), my daughter could even have a hot chocolate – they made it with dark chocolate and soya milk, the selection of cakes is fantastic and the design of Easter eggs and gifts totally amazing!

The service is good and we were made to feel very welcome – so thank you everyone for a lovely coffee time. We will be back!

We then went on to discover some of the other shops on offer, as well as some rather lovely antique shops and a rather fabulous florist, we came across Therapy – a wonderful shop full of clothes to love, shoes you want to wear, jewellery and accessories – we looked, we bought shoes and promised to come back!

Our next call was to the shop selling fabulous fabric shop called Art Craft and Fabric Of Petworth– I have a few projects to show you over the next few weeks and they require that I find some lovely materials and I have found them – you will see them soon. On the way back to the car our last call was to Spriggs, florist beautiful flowers and arrangements.

I am so pleased to have rediscovered this beautiful old market town, little did I realise that the next time I would come here I would have my two gorgeous children with me!

Do you have a place that you have rediscovered? If so I would love to hear your stories.

Till next time, thank you for reading

Katie x

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