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Its Wednesday, time for a midweek thought – Perfection – an unhealthy state of mind. I have almost finished the roman blinds that I started a few months ago ( well quite a few if I am honest). I finished the first one fixed it up at the window and stood back to admire.  You would have thought I would be happy at last my windows were about to be dressed and I could claim back my chair (where the blinds have been living!).

But instead of a sense of contentment what I actually said was: ” well it’s not perfect is it?” which made think – what is perfection? Is it an ideal?  Is it something which I am continually striving for? or is perfection an unhealthy state of mind? Is it a point that is never quite within reach, like a set of moving goal posts.

I admit I have an ideal of how I think my house should look, how my garden should be, how I should look. It struck me that I spend a lot of my time tidying up, cleaning, sorting trying to get to that point when I am content.

In trying to achieve perfection  am I stifling innovation? My ideal is so fixed that there is no room for thought. In looking for perfection in everything I do will I ever be content? Indeed by being so focused on the one point am I missing the creative, missing the obvious? So . . perhaps what I should be striving for is contentment, being happy that I have done the very best that I can, being accepting and happy of the person that I am, enjoying the family that I have and living that life. Being confident in being me. As far as I know this isn’t a dress rehearsal for something better.

When my children grow up and look back on their childhood are they going to remember that their clothes were ironed, their rooms were cleaned, the bathroom polished or are they going to remember the days spent on the beach, playing in the garden, the  stories we read together. I think we all know the answers to the questions.

So from making my roman blinds I have decided that Perfection IS an unhealthy state of mind. What do you think – it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this one. How many of u s spend time struggling to reach that ideal and so not having the time to enjoy that we are already there.

This is the post I had planned for last week, however on the way home I heard Always Wear Sunscreen, hence the reason it brought such a smile and made me laugh!

So with my blinds up I am off to have a coffee, and maybe give the floor a quick hoover!!

Only kidding!!


Katie x


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