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Hi and how are you?

The last few weeks have been a bit hectic, we are busy with the new website and lots more and I hope you are enjoying the run up to Easter with our make and bakes. Although there have been lots of posts there hasn’t been much time to have a chat and so here I am taking a pause for thought.

This weekend was so lovely, sun, gardening, and taken out for dinner on Sunday as a late Mothering Sunday treat. You see on Mothering Sunday we had my husbands parents over so that meant cooking and baking.

As well as being a lovely weekend my children became more of a focus, well my son actually. Only a few months ago if I was in the garden he was by my side helping and generally looking for jobs to do, however in those last few months we have passed another stage in growing up.  You see at 10 going on 11 he is now wanting to go and be with his friends ( albeit in the safety of a friends house), he is carving his own way and no more can I rely on my little helper being permanently there. As his mummy I am a little bit sad that he is growing up and away, but proud that he is confident and happy to do his own thing.

He goes off with a friend and then phones me, to say ‘can I have a sleepover?’ I am not going to spoil his fun by saying ‘no’ but it did make me think, now he is steering towards 11 when he moves on to university at 18, we will have him with us for less time than we have already had, it is such a short time that they are with you.

My daughter well she is only 8 going on 9, so I have a few more years. There are times when she still needs a hug in the night and only her mummy will do! I still have someone to snuggle and a hand to hold.

However I am not going to be morose, but just enjoy my children every minute that they are at home, (I will even try during the naughtier moments!) and with that we shall enjoy the Easter holidays that we are now embarking upon together.

Take care and thank you for reading

Till next time

Katie x

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