October . . and we are off to the beach

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What a weekend September ended, October dawned and with the car and the picnic packed it is October and we are off to the  beach, to The Witterings – as it seemed did most of the South Coast!

I haven’t seen the beach so busy nor the queues so long on the road for a very long time! However with a bit of local knowledge ( we used to live there) and yes we moved – why oh why! we manged the beach in just under 2 hours a bit longer than usual – but it was worth it. The sky was  blue not a cloud to be seen, the tide on its way in, the waves perfect for a spot of body boarding and a gentle breeze.


We biult castles in the sand


We read our book


We had fun on the boards


The sky was an amzing blue

So there we are the 1st of October and we are off to the beach, in the sea, sunbathing in bikinis and watching the leaves gently drop from the trees as Autumn comes their way. I love it.

Someone told me it was going to snow at the end of October so perhaps I will be able to post some pictures of us sledging on the 31st! Yipee!!

Enoy what is left of the wonderful weather, thank you for reading

Take care until next time

Katie x

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