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On Friday 29th July our beautiful little Freddie died.

On Friday morning Freddie didn’t arrive home for breakfast, which just recently was unusual but it sometimes happened, however when a few hours later he still wasn’t home,I started to worry. I tried to tell myself that he had wandered a bit too far, that he was stuck somewhere, but when I looked out into the garden I had that horrible feeling and even though the children and Livingstone were playing it looked and felt a very empty place. As the hours trailed on I knew where I had to look, I headed out of the gate, down the drive and started along the road. I hoped I wouldn’t find him, I asked in houses as we went and yes the neighbours had seen him but not recently, we asked them to look in their sheds and garages, and then I saw him, lying in the grass by the side of the road.

He had been on his way home as usual. You see as much as I would liked to have kept him in at night he liked to go out, he hunted. Only it was raining or really cold would he stay in all night.

He had been laid in the grass, by the person who ran him over or a kindly passer by who realised he was loved and would be missed?  I dont know but I am grateful that they did.

Freddie came to us about a year ago, when he first appeared we assumed he belonged to someone so we didn’t encourage him in, he came and went, however one day when he came back I opened the door, he walked in stood in the kitchen and meowed – hadn’t I got the mesage yet? I had now. He stayed and he became  a big part of our family, he was a cat that wanted to move into a home with two children and a great hound, we loved him.

It was about 2 years previously that we had lost our first cat whom we’d had for about 19years, when she went I didn’t think I would ever want another cat, but in the few weeks before Freddie arrived I had started that to think about another cat, I missed having a little furry freind, but how could we, we now had Livingstone, a dog and then for what ever reason Freddie arrived – and he was good at keeping dogs in their place!

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Freddie was the toe biter in the morning when you got up, the extra cushion on whatever bed he chose that day, the nose at the window – he prefered windows to come and go through rather than doors, he was Alexander’s little shadow in the garden, the welcome visitor to the palyhouse, the rodant catcher, the extra cuddly soft toy, the dog chaser, he was the little freind that sat on my laptop when I was working too late at night he purred and told me it was time for a hug and bed.

He meant so much to all of us, we weren’t ready to let him go, he was so young and so full of life, his passing has left such a huge hole. We  are hoping that one day and in some way he will find his way back to us.

Freddie my darling we miss you and will love you always

K x

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