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Hi everyone, grab yourself a coffee (or tea!) and settle down with me and I give will you some ideas for a summer read. It is time to make time for books. Now, I love books, I love bookshops, the way they smell, the way they feel. I could if I had the time spend an entire day in a book shop. To me it is one of lifes pleasures to open a new book and know that you are the first person to do so a complete indulgence. Although these days being a working mum means that just to sit curled up in the corner of the sofa with a book is in its self a luxury. Do you have time to read?

These are a few of my recent favourite reads

For those of you who are regular readers of my blog will know I have two gorgeous children (only a mummy!) my son reads very well but only if he has to! My daughter reads because she has inherited my love of the written word, but I still buy my son books, recently I bought him a collection of Michael Morpurgo books one of which Born to Run he has taken to reading with enthusiasm – we read some of it together and it is the most beautiful and saddest story about a dog I have ever read, it is about a greyhound, and the many lives that he has to lead – we have a lurcher (part greyhound) who came from the Celia Cross Greyhound Trust, perhaps because of our own dog I found it such a beautiful story that made me cry.

My daughter just recently was given a book by her Godmother called The Adventures of  Milly -Molly-Mandy by Joyce Lankester Brisley, a collection of stories about a little girl, first published in 1928 and still as lovely as the day they were written. I had a copy of this book when I was little I can even still remember some of the stories.

A book that I read recently is The Distant Hours by Kate Morton, my children gave me this for Christmas. It is one of those books that is difficult to put down becuase you want to know what happens next. I do love Kate Morton books she writes two parallel stories and as the reader you find out how events in the past have influenced and caused the events in the present day, a great one for summer.

Last Friday I was at our School Charity Ball and found myself sitting down to dinner next to a very nice person who it turned out was an up and coming author. Now whilst I dont agree with what he did to have himself put in prison, the story that he has to tell is a very harrowing one, about the time he spent in one of the most notorious prisons in America – his name is Shaun Attwood, his book Hard Time. As a mum who wants her home to be somewhere that my children can grow and be nurtured it struck me that as my son is going to be 10 this year he could leave home in less years than we have had him and perhaps as every teenager leaves home they should be given a copy of  this book with a note ” Because I love you I want you to read this and know what you musn’t do, all my love Mum x”

On a lighter note my last suggestion for a great summer read is Three Ways to Capsize a Boat by Chris Stewart, I used to sail with my husband ( not always reccommended!) but that is another post! ?This book made me laugh out loud at almost every turn of the page!

Thats it for now, how is your coffee doing if you have time left grab a book and another coffee and enjoy. What are you reading?-  any suggestions for a good summer read let me know and I can share them

Thank you for taking the time to read,  take care till next time

Katie x                                  

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