How to Renovate Two Old Chairs

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Good morning lovely readers and thank you for all of the lovely comments you are sending – it really is lovely to hear form you.

If you were to ask me about things that I love apart from my family and shoes – a pair in every colour and few extra are good! oh and handbags – I love those to, however the other thing that I would say is CHAIRS! I love chairs and I have trouble passing a shop with an old chair for sale. If I can carry it and it fits in the car then it usually comes home with me!

These two chairs were no different they came from a car boot sale that was in the field next to us – so all I had to do was carry them home! They cost me £5 and I knew exactly how I wanted them to look – I hope you like them. So. let get to it, How to Renovate two old chairs . .

Here is what I did

First I sanded them to take off as much of the old polish and grime as I could

Wiped them down with some white spirit

Then I painted them with a matt emulsion, I used Chalky Downs 5  as I didn’t want them to be brilliant white.

Once that was dry I then painted them with Chalky Downs 2,  I wanted a shabby chic effect nothing to perfect so I didn’t cover every single cm of the chair and not too thick a coat of paint

Once the paint has dryed now you can start to sand off some of your paint, think about where the paint may have become worn with use and rub those bits slightly more – it really is up to you how ‘worn’ you want your chair to look

Having completed the sanding I then rubbed all of the chair very lightly with fine grade steel wool – wipe with a dry cloth to take away any dust

Now go over the whole chair with a wax polish I used a natural shade on mine, but if you want the overall finish to be darker then use a polish which has a wood dye in it – you can chose from light through to very dark shades. Stand back and admire

To make and cover the pad

The pads were ok so I used the pads that came with the chairs, I added an  extra peice of wadding on top just to make it a little thicker


Next I cut the fabric for the seat I measured the top of the seat and then added 5cm all around to ensure sufficient to tuck underneath – this amount will depend on the depth of your cushionI then pulled the material tight and used a staple gun to fasten in place – Tip: if you do top and bottom and them right and left sides it means you can pull the material tight and have a good finish, I used an upholstery fabric

I pulled each of the corners and folded over. And thats it place it in your chair and there you are you can sit down!

I really do love my chairs, so far I have placed them in a few places, they will find a permanent home very soon. I like to ‘live’ with peices first and then they find their place ( my daughter is strongly suggesting that the permanent place for at least one of them should be her bedroom!)

You may have noticed that the chairs each had a tapestry seat – they haven’t gone to waste I will update you soon.

So there we are a new lease of life for two old chairs that have already seen so much if only . . So the next time you pass an old chair for sale think – what coud I do with that – can I carry it and will it fit in the car! However . . thats only of I haven’t seen it first!!

Take care and thank you for reading let me know what you are up to

Till next time

Katie x               

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