How to Make a Chicken Wire Noticeboard and How I Became More Organised

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I need to be more organised, I need a place to pin up little drawings and the odd photo (no  bills are allowed!) so a chicken wire notice board seemed to be the answer.

The last few months in our house have been all about change. Painting, decorating that kind of change. Whilst I have a paint brush in my hand the house is in a state of chaos because when I start painting I also start reorganizing, and that usually means emptying cupboards and changing the shelves and generally clearing out. No point in putting back those bits that you don’t need.

Chicken Wire Notice Board
Chicken Wire Notice Board

 I like to feel organized, that I am on top of things – ok I like to feel I am in control of my surroundings. Organization, brings calm, to ma at least! This is why my latest project is How to make a Chicken Wire Noticeboard.

As a list maker, I already have a chalk board in the kitchen to make a note of the bits and pieces I need on a daily basis but I do need to to be able to organize not only the bits of paper, but also the little drawings the children do for me or even the odd photo.

So a peg board is ideal for me, on the wall near my chair I can pin to it easily and I can see it from my work place, which is lovely.

What you will need to make your chicken wire notice board

Old Frame – glass and print removed
Paint – I used Farrow and Ball White
Sandpaper course and fine
Chicken wire
Staple gun and staples
Wire cutters
Wax polish

Paint your frame
Paint your frame

Paint your frame, leave to dry you may need to give it a second coat

Gently rub down the frame, if you want a shabby chic look
Measure your chicken wire and cut to the size of your frame

Katie Craig Chicken wire notice board
staple the wire to the back of the frame

Staple the wire to the back of the frame and bend over the sharp ends, this will help keep your wire in place
Rub a layer of wax onto the frame and buff up 

chicken wire notice board
Peg your photos and drawings

Using your pegs, peg on your photos or memos as you wish

The size you make your board will depend on the frame you have – always worth looking in the charity shop for a frame or two!

Katie Craig Chicken Wire Pin Board
Pinning those special little drawings

I am enjoying pinning the odd photo or drawing onto mine, and the best bit it is ever changing, for all those little precious drawings.

This would make a great gift for a friend  – why not personalise it with a saying or a name

Whatever you do stay organised, have fun and enjoy this little project

Take care with love

Katie x


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