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Those of you who know me know how much I love my animals. Dogs, cats and sometimes chickens. My first hound Livingstone is especially close to my heart as for the last 2 years he has has been my number one running partner.

This is Livingstone, he has become the angelic one! 

However in May this year we decided to adopt a second hound – a four legged companion for dear Livingstone. So arrived Zoe, a rather gorgeous Saluki cross lurcher who is 10months old.

And then . . .there is Zoe having a hug from Lottie 

I guess you just forget, I dont remember Livingstone leaping about madly – but he did, I dont remember the loo training last that long, but I guess it did, but what I really really dont remember is, how well hounds and shoes seem to go together and I really DO NOT remember losing FOUR yes FOUR pairs of perfectly good and almost new pairs of sandals!! It would appear the ‘puppy hound’ aka Zoe has rather a passion for them!!

The first pair to go was a pink pair, but they did make my feet ache, the second pair to go was a navy blue and white pair, I liked those, and the third pair to go, was the most comfortable high heeled sandals I could have asked for, the fourth pair she took out of the box and then chewed them aaaah!!!

Was I cross – a little, was I upset – yes a little, but are worse things happening in the world – yes and do I still love my hounds – YES A HUGE amount.

So what now – well I need to go shopping !! Thank you for reading.

Take care till next time

Katie x


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