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Well . . the little darlings are all back to school and yes I am a little bit sad, summer is over and off to work we go. So High Maintenance Woman-  what does it mean to you? For me high maintence woman is  having my hair done, a pedicure maybe oh and then I simply must have a manicure and that’s only so far this week – what shall I do for the rest of the week?

And then . . . I wake up and it’s back to reality! Katie at Home . . .now that is a high maintenance woman!  – it has become a bit heavy with lots of info which is becoming hard to find? . . . so a bit of reorganisation is called for.

So very sadly, the hair do, the pedicure and that cheeky little manicure will just have to wait . . .  while I lavish some high maintenance on Katie at Home !!

The next few weeks will bring a few posts and hopefully a more organised site, see you very soon, take care

Katie x

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