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Boob Job Katie Craig
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A few weeks ago I went into hospital to have a lump removed from the right boob. Now referred to as the boob job! Whilst in hospital they were extremely thorough, making sure that all lumps and bumps that had appeared on the ultrasound were looked at and investigated. It was decided that to make more certain that there wasn’t a re-occurrence of the papilloma all of the major ducts would be removed.

A few days ago I went back for the follow up appointment, to be honest I possibly felt more anxious about this then I did when I was having the op. Why? because this was the moment of truth – no going back, nothing I could do would change the outcome of what I had to hear.

Boob Job Katie Craig
BOOBS the follow up

What I heard was that as had been suspected it was indeed a benign papilloma but now there had been the chance to look in more detail it did contain atypical cells (cells that were abnormal but not cancerous).

The consultant was VERY reassuring as everyone had been the whole way through – it seems that this is really nothing to worry about. I have now been put on a programme where by I have a mammogram once a year for the next five years.

I do feel better now, I really didn’t think it had affected me, that I wasn’t worried about it but apparently according to those that live with me – husband and children I am different ( in a good way) – less stressed. I feel relieved, that I was allowed a reprieve, I have come out the other side intact and ready to go on.

To all of you who gave hugs and thoughts in person or otherwise thank you.

So once again if you are reading this and you have experienced any symptoms or signs that you are not sure about – go to your doctor don’t leave it. Don’t sit and worry about it – that achieves nothing. Stay well.



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