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Boob Job
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I have been writing my blog for a year or so now, a home and gardening blog with a bit of life and family thrown in. The thing that I sometimes find difficult is to know when to ‘stop’ that is, how personal should it be, how much ‘personal stuff’ are readers really that interested in.

I can see how others like to know about my home and garden and as a blogger and a reader of blogs you do feel that you get to ‘know’ others be it watching their children grow up or how their homes and gardens progress. However as I said knowing how much ‘personal’stuff to blog about is something that I find difficult and writing a blog on BOOB JOB, The Post I Never  thought I would write is a case in point. I really didn’t feel I could post a photo of my boob!

Boob Job

However I felt that if it happens to me then there were others that it may affect  so here goes

2012 had not been a great year for us for lots of reasons so as 2013 dawned I was determined that this would be the year Just Do It was the post I wrote and then towards the end of January I noticed an oddity in my right boob. I am not sure how graphic I should be, but there was a ‘substance’ oozing from my right nipple. First it was the GP, I was sure she would tell me that it was just one of those things, however I was referred to the hospital.

I went along to the clinic on my own because I was ‘only going for a chat’, however I was sent  for a mammogram which suggested the presence of ‘something’, I then saw the Dr who examined me and said yes there is a lump, but where? I have always been very good at feeling for lumps and bumps, I was taught to do it in my early twenties and to be honest it is 2nd nature, but it was there buried deep and yes after some direction I too felt its presence. Although he was very reassuring those words hit home.

I was sent off for an ultrasound, waiting for the ultrasound was the only time I was scared, I was happy that I was on my own – why? because it meant I had to stay strong – no tears – no feeling sorry for myself.  The radiologist confirmed the lump and then did a biopsy – at this point a whirlwind was in motion and I felt like circumstances had taken over.

Whilst waiting on the biopsy results I felt unnaturally calm, a friend commented that deep down I must know its ok – sometimes the body and the mind are amazing, way beyond what we are aware of.

The biopsy results came back negative, a benign lump, a papilloma but it should still be removed. So as you read this I will be sitting in day surgery waiting to have my op or I may well be in theater.

To be honest I am more anxious about having general anesthetic, however needs must.

I am not writing this to gain sympathy, but to encourage anyone who may experience symptoms that  don’t ‘feel right’ go to your GP don’t leave it.

So until next time take care

Katie x



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