Aliens, Knickers and Giving Birth

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It is Friday yipee, the weekend is almost here, and the end of a funny week.

Santa was extremely good to mummy (that’s me) this year, he had decided that I should be pushed into the 21st century and thus brought me a new phone an all singing dancing HTC wildfire. I was to say the least impressed although possibly not as impressed as my children and indeed it would appear that my children were born with the ability to know how to make the said phone sing and dance even though they had not read the instructions or to the best of my knowledge ever seen said phone prior to me opening the box.

Now all was going very well I had managed in a non technical way to work the new gadget downloaded a few apps sent a few emails goodness me I was becoming a techno wizard but then the husband suggested virus protection should be added and disaster struck. aaaah! The  virus guard totally and very completely screwed the phone, but do not panic because the said husband had paid for insurance and techno help ( he knows me well) !

so I phoned the help line and that is when something strange happened.

Part of the healing process meant they had to remotely log into my lap top, this I can only describe as spooky.


My lap top had been taken over by aliens as the controls walked on their own over the screen and down through my files, it was like someone rifling through my knicker drawer, whilst reminding me  of giving birth to number 2 child, when after a few complications I found myself on a table in theatre, lying motionless while I was sorted out,  my newborn bundle by my side my hand rested on my now empty belly only to suddenly feel a  hand on the inside, I shrieked, it all ended well, as did my phone.

2 phone calls and 4 hours later we had the phone back to the factory settings, and back in full working order ready once again for the now even more techno wizard to play with.

Enjoy your weekend – what are you up to ? As it’s snowing huge amounts here we shall be playing in the snow, sledging snowman building, and generaly having fun, assuming it is still here (fingers crossed)

Thank you for reading and take care

Katie x

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