A Quick Pasta Summer Supper

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Yes I really do beleive it is summer, or at least it was yesterday in Surrey. Each morning I take the children to school and the go for a run and even at 8am (ish) it was warm – I do love it – the sun that is – and yes I do love my run  in the morning with my best running partner ever – Livingstone, our darling dog, loved by all who know him!

It was really only because of having Livingtone that I started to run again, he gives a sense of purpose to trying to go up a hill quickly, running to me gives me time to think, to free my mind, it gives me space, a time to plan my day!! Do you run? Does it make you feel good?

Anyway with summer here and the heat I dont know about you but cooking can sometimes feel like it is a bit of a chore so I thought an idea for a quick summer supper might be appreciated . . here we are

Pasta with New Potatoes and Green Beans

You will need . . for 2 adults and 2 children I used

300g Pasta Penne or another type of your choice
250g Green Beans
8 Small New Potatoes, chopped into bite size peices
2 tblsp Pesto
4 Slices Bacon cooked and chopped
Cream if you chose
Black Pepper

Cook the new potatoes and drain

Cook and drain pasta

Chop and steam green beans

Add the potaotes, beans and chopped bacon into the pasta add the pesto and stir gently, if you want a few tablespoons of cream then add it here

Serve and sprinkle the chopped bacon on top

Serve with warm ciabbatta bread and olive oil for dipping

And there we have it a simple meal, quick and easy but tasty and healthy, have fun and I hope the sun is shining where you are.

Where are you? It would be really nice to hear from and let me know where you are

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Take care and thank you for reading, till next time

Katie x

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