Things are blooming on the inside

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During the last few days my garden like many others has been covered in a layer of snow or as my daughter put it snuggled with a white fluffy blanket. I do love the snow it makes everything look so bright and clean.

children in the snow

Although January in the garden can be cold your garden is not standing still underneath that blanket the bulbs are becoming ready to bloom, the buds on the Hellibores under the apple tree are forming ready to flower. Spring is certainly in the air.


But whilst cold on the outside, things are blooming on the inside and now is the time to have a pot or two of bulbs flowering indoors, so start Spring early, plant a few bulbs in a dish or two and and start things blooming on the inside.

Primula Group 2

primula in mug

Happy planting and thank you for reading

Take care

Katie x

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