Planting a Clematis – making a feature

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I hope you are all well today, during the weekend I planted out a Clematis, using it as a feature just next to the new border that I planted this year.

Just by the path is  an old tree stump and during the summer the plants grow up around it, however I have always thought that I could make more of it and so this is the year that it happened.I decided to use ito grow a Clematis on and here is how I did it.


On the tree stump I wrapped  some fine mesh wire securing the back with wire, this will give the Clematis something to grip onto

I found a large pot, filled the bottom with some crock (old broken pots) to allow for drainage.

Filled up my pot with some multi purpose compost and then planted my Clematis being careful not to disturb its roots too much when taking it out of the small pot that it came in. I planted my Clematis off centre in the large pot to allow it to be closer to where I wanted it to climb.

Then I placed my pot with my Clematis close to the stump and helped the existing tendrils up onto the mesh.

The Clematis I bought was suitable for sun or shade, this spot where tends to have sun in the morning and is then shadier by the afternoon so this should be perfect for it.

I am now hoping that by August, wind and rain not sustaining I will have a wonderful bunch of gloriously large purple flowers.

Do you have any Clematis growing? What colours are they? there seems to be so many around it makes it very hard to chose or perhaps we could just say one of each please!

Till next time and thank you for reading

Katie x                                               

PS Here at home I have been working on creating  ‘Rooms’ in the garden, those places to just  chill – look out for the post coming soon

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