Container Gardening – Make a Wooden Crate Planter

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Here is a quick Gardening Tip for you – make a crate planter – Recycle in the garden.

Small garden, no problem you can still grow yourself a few salad greens. Here is how . .


  1. Find yourself  fruit crate, I picked mine up for free from the local market
  2. Line your fruit crate with newspaper, this allows drainage as the water seeps through the paper
  3. Fill your fruit crate with compost and plant up. You can plant it with plugs or sprinkle some seeds for salad leaves.
There we are how to make a fruit crate vegetable planter. Even if you have a garden plant up a fruit crate and sit it by the kitchen door, ready to cut a few leaves or plant it with herbs, just ready to pick and use.
Plant your crate with flowers, herbs, salads, pop it in a hidden spot, by your door or on your balcony.
Happy Planting, thank you for reading
Take care
Katie x

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