How to Plant up a Basket

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Good morning everyone – I hope you are all enjoying a lovely day. As much as I love my flowers and veges in the my garden there always seem to be a little space for that extra basket or pot – to brighten up a wall or to add a splash of colour to the border or patio. I am going to show you how to plant up a basket. I usually plant 2 or 3 of these manger baskets and they hang on the wall on the patio or at my door.

This year I decided that the liners needed renewing and I have gone for a simple felt lining specially for hanging baskets. First of all I cut out a peice of felt I measured it by laying the basket on the felt and cutting 6cm larger than the basket on each side – the same with the top and bottom.

Now fit the felt into the basket DO NOT cut or tuck the excess until AFTER you have filled it with some general purpose compost – I only stress this because I made that very mistake and it is so annoying!

Now that you have your basket filled with compost tuck in the excess around the edges.

Now we can add the plants – be careful at this stage not to overfill your basket remember that your plants will grow!

I have grown some lobelia and bizzy lizzies – although unfortunately the bizzy lizzies got gobbled by a snail in the greenhouse – but a few survived

In my basket I am using half plugs of lobelia and 2 bizzie lizzies – I should have said this basket is about 25cm but last year this really was sufficient once the plants had filled out

Lay your plants out first and make sure you are happy with them in that order and then plant them up, and there you are a basket ready to grace any corner or wall of your garden. You can do exactly the same with pots or any other interesting containers that you have. Bring a splash of colour to your patio, by your door or to fill a gap in the border.

My little basket doesn’t look much now but give it a week to 10 days and it will be growing up beautifully.

Have fun, remember beleive in your plants give them some love and attention and they will flourish. Gardeners really are true optimitists!

Thank you for reading and take care

Katie x                                     

. . . A pictures from the June Garden just to brighten up your day


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