How to Plant Garlic

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This week we are on half term which as all mums know means the children are home and want to be entertained. I feel very lucky that both my children can be quite self contained and tend to muck in with whatever we are doing. So long as it isnt raining Lottie will come outside, unless of course it involes horses and then it really doesn’t matter what the weather is doing! I digress, a few weeks ago we found a fantastic website called which offers a great selection of seeds, potatoes, garlic and all things for planting. and so it was on a wet half term Monday that we placed our order.

Alexander, my son had made a list of things that he wanted to grow ( & sell! more to come on that one) So we ordered 3 lots potatoes, Arran Pilot, Rocket & Vivaldi, shallots, asparagus peas, broad bean-Witkiem Manita, Celery Celebrity, Lettuce Pandero, Pea Meteor, Tomato Brandywine, Tomato Roma, Leek Musselburgh & Antirrhinum for the cut flower garden. These provided a great service and the order arrived on Wednesday – as you can see a very happy chap!

And so we then got down to the very important task of planting – we started by planting out the garlic . We planted the garlic and started the potatoes chiting. 

How to plant and grow your garlic

The ground is still too wet to plant our garlic straight into the ground. Garlic likes a well drained soil and does like to be grown in pots and containers.

The best time to plant your garlic is mid October, but you can plant it out up until the end of April.

We used 15cm pots

Break your garlic into single cloves and plant upright

We then planted 3 cloves to a pot – we knew we were going to plant them out. If you are planning to keep them in the container until harvest time, then plant one clove per pot. Plant the cloves  approx 2 cm deep, cover the cloves with a layer of potting compost, lightly water and place in a greenhouse, in a coldframe or place outside with a cover over them, this helps to keep them warm and start the whole growing process. Keep them out of the wind and ideally in a sunny position.

Once the ground has dried up you can plant each of your garlic ‘plants’ into the ground

Tip: if you have lots of rabbits as we have garlic is good to grow as the rabbits dont like to dig it up and eat!








 What are you planting this year? Do tell us and let us know how you are doing.

Thank you for reading till next time.

Katie x

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