How to Make a Garden Table

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Well here we are back again, the weekend just gone was so busy. I dont know about you but there just never seems to be eneough hours in the weekend to get everything done. I always seem to have a TO DO list. This weekend was no exception!

I realise that we are lucky in that we have a large garden and although I love having the space to do all the lovely things we do I still like to have corners to hide away in, and this year I was determined to transform my corner – making a table was the first thing to be done.

How to make a garden table . . this is how I did it. . .

The table is a large slab of wood which I found in the field when we moved in – resting on three posts.

First I dug some holes in the grass where I wanted the posts to go and then I moved the posts.

Then using a spirit level made sure that the all three posts were level.

Next I filled in the spaces around them and secured them in place.

Once the posts were in place, level and secure I then placed the slab of wood on top

To finish I filled one of my tlite holders with some flowers and there we have it – a few more bits and peices to do and my corner will soon be complete.

Have fun – what can you make in your garden? let me know how you get on

Till next time, thank you for reading

Take care

Katie x                                        

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