How to make a Garden Lantern

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Now I dont know about yours but my garden is blossoming into summer. I love to sit in my garden on a summers evening, the smells are wonderful, we have bats come to call, just sitting watching and listening as evening begins to fall. I totally agree that right now it is still a little cool! however thats when I light he fire and and light my candles. I love having candles on especially in the garden. I hang my lanterns around the trees and bushes and slowly they twinkle turning the garden into a little fairyland.

Although I am not ashamed to say that over at Katie Craig we have a selection of candles & lanterns for you to chose from I still like to make my own and I thought I would share this one with you.

You will need

  • Tin
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  1. Take a used tin wash thorougly and take off the label, fill with water and place in the freezer – this will stop the tin becoming dented when you do your design
  2. Once the water has frozen, remove form the freezer and draw your design, or if you prefer you can do an abstract design.
  3. Now use the hammer and nail to puch holes along your design ( I found a larger nail more useful – as the light shone through the slightly larger holes easier)  – you will end up with a design on your can that will resemble a dot to dot pattern
  4. If you want to hang your lantern puch a hole in either side of your can to enable you to thread a wire through
  5. Once the ice has melted adda tlite light and enjoy. If you are using these at the table do ensure that as always your candles and lanterns sit on a heat reisitant surface.

I have made these lanterns every summer for many years – I seem to remember making tham as a child! and now I make them with my children. The ones that are in the picture we made last summer and they have been used all winter – I rather like the way they have rusted – for me it adds to the effect.


Enjoy making your lanterns – ours are hanging out with the fairies! Where are you going to put yours?

Take care, thank you for reading until next time

Katie x

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