How to Grow Sweetpeas

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Sweetpeas, these have to be one of favourite flowers. They look fantastic in the garden, they smell wonderful and I can cut them bring them in, enjoy them and then outside they just keep flowering over and over again giving a beautiful display through out the summer months.


How to grow sweetpeas from seed

Each year I grow a variety of sweet peas from seed. You can plant your seeds in October or mid – late February. I plant the seeds in tubes in the greenhouse. The reason for planting sweetpeas in tubes is to enable them to form a strong root system. Tip: use toilet roll tubes, these work perfectly well, not only a good way to recycle but all the money you save means you can buy more seeds! For more tips see Hints and Tips for Your Garden

Once your seedlings have 4 leaves nip out the growing tip , this will encourage strong bushy growth giving you more flowers 

When to plant out sweetpeas

I planted mine out just a few days ago – end of April – although sweetpeas are generally ok with frosts, I like to ensure that risk is minimal.

How to plant out your sweetpeas

This year I have planted my sweetpeas at the back of my new border. Your sweetpeas will need a support to grow up, I used peasticks as stakes, to allow the flowers to climb through the twigs and give it a more creative look, but you can use a tripod or a trellis.

Peasticks are quite often made from Hazel tree. Hazel is coppiced and grows long straigh’poles’ from its base. The long poles are used for beans ‘bean poles’ and the twiggy parts at the top are cut off and used as ‘pea sticks’

In each of my tubes I had grown 2 seedlings and in all cases the seeds had germinated and grown, I planted them in groups of 5 tubes around the base of my stakes. When planting I planted the seedlings in the tubes, this way there is no chance of disturbing the roots. Having dug the hole for each I then put in some water – as the ground here in the garden is very dry – filled in and then I lightly watered again. I then sprinkled liberally with broken egg shells to try to keep the slugs away.

Once the plants have established themselves over the next week or so I will then give them a feed to help them on their way – and the I shall wait for the first flowers.

I have planted a mix of sweetpeas this year, I am not a purist I dont tend to seperate out varieties and grow each seperatley – I just love them for their colours, their perfume and their capacity to keep flowering again and again and again.

Tip:the more you pick the more you will have, dont let the seedpods form during the flowering season as this will stop the flowers coming

So have fun with your gardening – are you growing sweetpeas this year? If so let me know or perhaps you are growing your favourite flowers – what are they

Till next time enjoy and thank you for reading

Katie x

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