How to Grow Dahlia’s

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Dahlia’s, this year I am growing Dahlia’s from the tuber stage. I feel we are really doing a lot in the garden and this year I decided that I wanted to increase the amount of cut flowers I have in my garden – I love to go out and pick my own flowers, bring them in and stand them proudly in a vase. So off to the garden centre I went and purchased 3 different types of Dahlia in mixed summer colours, some with large flowers, small flowers with dark leaves and pom pom flowers (as said by my daughter)








When to plant

From March onwards, I planted mine out towards end of April, once all chance of frost had gone. You can start them off in pots in a greenhouse or cold frame. Dahlia’s grow from tubers and need to be planted once the ground has warmed slightly.

Where to plant

Ideally plant in a spot out of the wind and in a sunny position, in well drained soil, Dahlias will not thrive if planted in the shade, you will end up with tall, spindly plants and very few flowers.

I planted mine straight into the ground.  Depending on the height of the flowering plant – plant to the back or the front of your border or if in a pot ensure that your pot is large eneough to take the fully matured plant giving sufficient space for strong roots to form

How to plant

Dahlias should be planted in a depth of 15cm (6 inches) and approx 60cm (24ins) apart.  I dug the hole  added some compost and then placed the tuber in horizontally ensuring that it was shooting side up and roots facing down

I then covered over and then marked with a small stick ( so that I knew where it was!) as the ground was particularily dry I then lightly watered

. . .and wait ( but not for long within 3 days I have some shoots) I have left my shoots to come up, however if your shoots appear and you feel you may still have a few frosts cover over your shoots with some earth, this will sheild them from the frost

Now I planted some in my new border and others in my cut flower border next to the vegetable patch.take cuttings from my tubers – I will tell you how

At the end of the season I will lift my Dahlia tubers, keep them dry and then in early Spring I am shoping to ba able to

Have fun planting till next time, do let me know what you are planting this year – anyone planting Dahlias?

Katie x

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