June in My Garden

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As I write this I am sitting in the garden, the sun is shining and a gentle breeze keeps the air cool . . summer. However the rest of June here wasn’t quite like that here at home, it rained and then it rained some more and then just in case, yes it rained some more. The parched ground has now had the rain to quench the thirst, now my plants need SUN!!

The rain meant the veges have grown and we are now in full production . .delicious, but the rain also brought a few mishaps, the Arum Lillies took a bit of a pounding, the slugs came out in force and munched their way through rather a lot of my Larkspur and my Cosmos, a few of my seedlings drowned, but hopefully all will recover in the next few weeks. A few flowers did flourish


The first produce is almost finished now, but it was fantastic, with new potatoes,salad leaves, strawberries, and a few beans, Yum

Now we are harvesting, Lettuce, radish, spring onions, Broad Beans, Cabbage, Peas

Jobs to be done . .
thin out the carrots ( add the thinnings to some peas for a tasty vegetable dish)
thin out the beetroot

Following on form the munching incident I have been planting out the last of my stocks and Larkspur and I have sown more Cosmos and Night Scented Stock. I have also planted up the last of the pots and baskets with summer bedding ( not too late if your quick!). I appreciate that not all of you will have a garden – remember you can always grow wome salad leaves, herbs some tomatoes in a window box or large pot.

It also time to start thinking ahead and planting the Brassicas, Broccoli, Calabrese and Sprouts for winter and spring veg.

The herb garden is now flourishing after transplanting and splitting up the herbs and during this week I shall be cutting some of my Oregano and Sage and drying it for us in the winter.

Jobs to be done  . . . keep weeding through the borders and the vege patch, dead heading the roses, I am also feeding my containers.

Apart from doing all of the above enjoy your garden! Maybe even read a book!

There are even times when you will find something growing in the greenhouse that you dont remember planting!

Thank you for reading, please do come back soon. That was June in my garden I cant wait to see what happend next!

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Take care

Katie x

Join me at home and meet some of the family

Lottie learning to canter

Alexander on top of the muck heap!

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