Gardening with Verbena Bonariensis

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Katie Craig - Seedlings of Verbena Bonariensis
Free Seedlings from Verbena Bonariensis

A quick post today on one of my favourite plants Verbena Bonariensis they are tall, elegant, they sway in the wind and flower all summer long.

Last year this pot with clematis in it was beside the Verbena Bonariensis that grow along the front of my window – the seeds dropped in Autumn, fell into the pot and the result is 100’s of seedlings.

katie Craig Verbana
Verbena Bonariensis in its full glory

I have planted them in pots, in the borders and given pots of them to my neighbours. So if you are planning to invest in a plant or two make one of them Verbena Bonariensis, you will be rewarded twice, firstly with the most beautiful plant and secondly with a veritable forest the following year, and as Verbena Bonariensis is a perennial, it will come again bigger and even more magnificent than the year before.

Have fun in the garden

love Katie x




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