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Gardening in our house is most certainly a family experieince, the dog helps to dig the holes, the hens help to scatter the seeds (not necessarily in all the right places!) and the children plant out their plants and pull out the weeds. Or at least that’s how it used to be! Now the children or at least my son wants his own garden and at 9 he can manage his own little patch. I am so proud of how he has managed.

There are parts of the garden that we haven’t got around to using yet so Alexander decided to clear an otherwise unused part and have his own veggie patch.

He cleared his patch of garden

He has planted potatoes and onions

He planted his garlic in pots and then transplanted it to his patch

Children and gardening are such a great combination, start them young and you give them a love of the garden and outdoors can last a lifetime – a great healthy start. I find that children are naturually drawn to the garden, they love to make mud (or at least mine do!), and ask them to sprinkle some seeds and tey will tend them and watch them grow, with such a sense of pride.

Do you have children who dont want to eat their greens? If so instead of buying a lettuce, buy some lettuce seeds let them grow their own and I bet you they will eat it ( or at least try it!). Even if you dont have a garden, a pot or a window box will do – you can still grow lettuce in a window box and a few garlic. So ideas of things to do this weekend with your children in the garden

Start growing some tomatoes you will need

You can grow then in a sunny, sheltered spot in the garden, if so plant them in the ground. If you are growing in containers use a large pot filled with compost or a grow bag. Buy some small ready grown tomato plants – why not have 2 or 3 different varieties, maybe a plum, cherry and a salad tomato.

If you are growing your tomato plant(s) in a pot, then use the space around to grow some herbs – basil is a great one – it smells great and tastes delicious with tomatoes or plant a few lettuce and there you have it salad in a pot grown by you.

Start growing some herbs

  • Try basil, thyme, corriander, lemon balm you can grow then in a pot or straight in the garden

Start growing some flowers

  • Sunflowers are fantastic – how tall will your grow? lets have a competition which of can grow the tallest sunflower!

For quick results in the childrens garden , sew some radish seed or . . . for even quicker results, have a boiled egg take care to wash the shell, dry it and llow your child to draw a face and then in the botton place a piece of wet kitchen roll and sprinkle on some cress seeds watch it grow hair – now thats one for the window sill!

Spend some time with your children planting your plants and allow the children to care for them.

Herbs are a great thing for children to grow and this weekend my herb garden is due for a bit of a makeover.

Let me know how you get on – what are the other things you have grown with your children

Have a great weekend, so till next time.

Katie x                                                                                                                          

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