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Hollyhocks on a blue sky

I have just heard a rumour that the weather here in this little part of the UK is about to change . .  for the better. For us that means that during this weekend (maybe) the sun might just be about to shine – yes please, please, please do. If it happens it will be outside we go to catch those sought after rays of warm summer sun.

Right now the garden is turning slowly but very surely into a swamp, the garden beds have puddles in them, the grass squelchs as you walk across it. The slugs are having a FEAST  . .

Last weekend the grass was so very long and Graham the husband got the mower out and tried to cut it, the mower didn’t quite sink, but it had to plough through the mud. Never before has the grass around the house been so boggy at this time of year.

and her they are . . Slugs munch the Chives

The wet means that garden predators have been out in force, my sweet peas have been eaten, my new poppy gobbled, the vegetable garden is a distant memory, the slugs are on the grass, climbing the walls and even eating my roses *I cry*

Lupins in full bloom 

But my Lupins managed to flower *huge smile* just before the garden predators appeared in force, but the dahlias wern’t so lucky, chomp . . that’ll be the dahlias gone * very sad*

The rain has brought some good, as I look out of my window the garden is lush and green and everything that has been allowed to do so is growing with gusto, but if I am honest what I would really like is the rain to go away, the sun to shine and the warmth to send those slugs back underground and away from my plants

The honeysuckle at the edge of the terrace is growing well having been moved. The Clematis is climbing the walls and around and over the wires . . .but what we must all remember is that above every rain cloud the sun is always shining . .

. . and should summer arrive I will let you know, in fact you will probably hear me scream with delight!

Till next time and thank you for reading

Take care

Katie x

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