A Room in the Garden – part 1

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Good morning everyone – the first day of summer – yippee! I hope you are all having a great first day. I know we needed the rain and my garden certainly did, however as lovely as it is and it can even be fun and refreshing . . but I have to admit I do like the sun shining when I wake up in the morning, and this morning on the first day of summer it trickled through. What about you? How is the weather where you are?

The veggie garden has taken off everything is growing and growing more on that to follow.  To celebrate summer I am posting ‘A Room in the Garden -part 1’ , because there will be a part 2! I started putting the basis of this article way back in February when I was planning out the garden for this year and here we in June! 

Come the warmer days we spend so much time outdoors, in fact my children only come in to sleep! and that is only because neither of their parents will camp out with them on a regular basis. However I do like to create ‘rooms’ in my garden and this one is still evolving but it is getting there slowly but surely. The first of the rooms is a sheltered spot that attracts the sun, it is where I go with my coffee in the morning, where I will sit and read a while. It is a spot where Lottie will play with her dolls, where the Freddie sleeps, it is a space for everyone – at the weekend it was Hawaii!

First I took away the table and chairs and moved them to the other side of the house

Then I moved the table – remember the table that we made? to be in front of the bench, just big eneough to put my coffee and book on and the odd little flower or two

I was going to plant the border with Lavender however, I decided to plant  lots of seeds, for both colour and scent all through the summer but at first  not  very many of them wanted to grow, so I planted a row of Stocks and some Nicotiana lots of lovely scents to fill the air

. . . I am pleased to report that first seeds are now growing!


The pot beside the bench has a Verbena Bonariensis  – grown from the seeds of last years plant, these are one of my favourite cottage gardens plants, tall and willowy with delicate purple flowers,they sway gently in the breeze, looking elegant and are perfect for pots and borders. In the pot are Narsturtuim to give some colour low down.

Next well, that requires some sandpaper and paint to give the old bench seat a freshen up, but that means it has to stop raining which I am sure it will!


This ‘little room’ really is shaping up well already it is having a great many visitors. One thing left to do is to add the lights and lanterns I have a few in mind, I thought it would be good to get the children to help me make some.

Next on the list is our outside kitchen and dining room – this year it had a bit of  makeover, but that is part 2 for now have a great day and thank you for reading.

Take care and have a secial day

Katie x

PS At home the first sweet peas are here – another of my favourites

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