Something for the Weekend – Mothers Day Cupcakes

Katie Craig Mothers Day cupcakes
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This weekend in the UK it is Mothering Sunday (Mothers Day) – Sunday 10th March. Following on in our new series ‘SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND’ we are making Mothers Day Cupcakes.

So this weekend make your Mum (or an aunt or Grandma)  feel extra special this Mothers Day with these dazzling but simple Mothers Day Cup Cakes.

Katie Craig Mothers Day Cupcakes
Mothers Day cupcakes with butter icing and edible flowers

Mothers Day Cup Cakes

What you will need

  • 8oz (220g) self raising flour
  • 8oz (220g) Butter
  • 6oz (170g) Caster Sugar
  • 1 tsp Baking Powder
  • 3-4 Free Range Eggs
  • 2 drops vanilla essence


  1. Add all the dry ingredients to the bowl and gently stir
  2. Add butter, eggs and vanilla essence
  3. Mix thoroughly
  4. Spoon the mix into each muffin case, 3/4 fill each muffin case, when baked they will rise to a small dome

These work best using a deep muffin tray with liners in each muffin case

Makes approx 12 muffins, bake at 180 degrees centigrade for approx 15 minutes

We then decorated our muffins using butter icing and edible flowers

Katie Craig Mothers Day cupcakes
Mothers Day Cupcakes

How to make the Butter Icing

  • 4oz (110g) Icing Sugar
  • 4oz  (110g) Butter
  • a few drops of water
  • 2 drops vanilla essence

Soften the butter by mixing it in bowl use the back of a wooden spoon, gently add the icing sugar and mix, add the vanilla essence, depending on the consistency of your icing (it should be thick but easy to apply to cakes) if necessary add a few drops of water.

Cupcakes for special days from Katie Craig
Cupcakes for Mothers Day with simple icing, decorated with a special bow

We also used simple icing mixing the icing sugar with a drops of water, a drop of vanilla essence and mix thoroughly, the icing should just coat the back of a spoon.

Have fun baking these lovely cup cakes, thank you to for using our recipes in Something for the Weekend.

Take care and thank you for reading

Katie x

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