Salmon and Mackerel Fishcakes

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Here at home we all love fish. Having a fish dish means that we can all enjoy a meal together. You see I am vegetarian (but I do eat fish), my husband and children all eat meat, which I am happy to cook for them, I just chose not to eat it.

So thinking of different fish dishes to try is really quite fun. I know that we all love fishcakes and so I put togther a recipe which we have all enjoyed and left even the children wanting more!

I decided to use both salmon and mackerel in these fish cakes adding a hint of corriander and some chives and the result was really yummy. I used . . .

  • 300g Salmon fillets (Responsibly sourced)
  • 150g Smoked Mackerel
  • 600g New Potatoes (taken form the garden very exciting!)
  • small bunch of chives – chopped
  • small bunch of corrander- chopped
  • Black Pepper
  • 2 Free Range Eggs
  • a squeeze of lemon juice

Chop and cook your new poatoes leave the skins on – until just softened

Once cooked drain your potatoes and with a potato masher gently crush them – they should still be in peices, place them in the bowl

Cook the Salmon – I popped mine in the oven 150 degrees C wrapped in foil for approx 15mins

Once the salmon is cooked skin the salmon and the mackerel fillets  – it is easier to do this using your hands

Now flake your fish into the bowl, add your lemon juice, black pepper and herbs, in a seperate bowl whisk your eggs and add to your fish and potatoes

Gently mix so that the fish and potatoes are coated with the egg, this binds them together

Now take a spoonful and mould into a ball place in an oven proof dish, add some oil to the dish to prevent your fishcakes sticking – if you want to add a little extra bite try using some homemade chilli oil

Gently press each of the balls with the back of a spoon to flatten – very slightly, these amounts make 8 large fishcakes or 16 starter sized fishcakes

Now cook at 200 deg C for around 20 minutes or until the browned and crisp – this is where the bits of potato crisp up and you have that soft and succulent on the inside and crisp on the outside

I served mine with a salad containing, lettuce, cucumber, rocket and warm beetroot, rice and a sweet chiili sauce ( recipe to follow)

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do – it really is a dish for all seasons with greeen salad a dish for summer, with noodles and warm winter vegetables as a dish to warm and enjoy.

Whenever you make these fishcakes I am sure you will love it – do let me know if you make them – do you have a favourite summer dish – dont forget your comments are always welcome

Thank you for reading and take care

Katie x                                        

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