Peach Jam – Jars of Sweet Sunshine

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Peach Jam – how can I describe this to you? It is the most gorgeous jam I have EVER made. It is the smell and taste of summer. The smell is like the taste, sweet and fragrant. To be able to place a jar of Peach Jam on your table is to place a jar of sweet fragrant sunshine.

Peach Jam Jars of Summer Sunshine
Peach Jam Jars of Summer Sunshine

As you can tell I am totally in love with this jam. This is the first time I have ever made it and it will not be the last. It will be the jam that I am still making when my grandchildren come to stay. The taste of holidays and sun ripened fruit.

The recipe is so very simple. I promise . . .

You will need . .

The ingredients are:

  • Ripe peaches
  • Jam sugar
  • knob of butter

The equipment is:

  • Heavy bottom pan
  • Wooden spoon
  • Jam thermometer is useful
  • 2 plates cooled in the fridge
  • Jam jars
  • Dish for steeping your peaches and sugar

How to make Peach Jam

  1. Weigh your peaches and take note of the weight
  2. Weigh out the same amount of jam sugar as you have peaches
  3. Take the stones from your peaches and cut them into quarters
  4. Place your peaches in a dish and cover with the sugar, leave overnight
  5. Uncover your peaches and enjoy the smell (I warn you – it will be delicious you will want to eat them now! but no you must wait!). You will notice that most of the sugar has ‘melted’.
  6. Place the peaches and sugar in your pan and heat stirring continuously to avoid the sugar sticking to the bottom
  7. Your peaches and sugar will slowly come to a rolling boil – if you have a jam thermometer use it to assess when your mix has become a jam. To test place a teaspoon of your jam on a cooled plate, place it in the fridge, leave for a few minutes. Then perform the ‘wrinkle test’ i.e. draw your finger through the jam and of it wrinkles, you have jam.
  8. At this point your jam maybe frothy, if so add a small knob of butter (about a teaspoon) and the froth will disappear
  9. Now spoon your jam into sterilised jars put a circle of greasproof paper on the top of each and screw on the lids. If you screw the lids onto the jars when warm they will seal as they cool

There it is Peach Jam – Jars of Sweet Sunshine, make it you will love it and you will want to make it again.

Quantities – Roughly if you add the weight of your peaches and sugar together, this is the amount of jam you will make.

Have fun and great weekend


Katie x

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