Keeping Mum with Mothers Day Cup Cakes

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Good morning everyone – how are you today. Here we are doing just fine, the sun is almost shining although a little bit chilly on the school run this morning! Today I am thinking about Mothers Day, happening this Sunday April 3rd

The reason I am thinking about Mothers Day is because this afternoon at 2.30pm I will be at a Mothers Day Tea Party at my daughters school. She has been so excited about this, they have been baking, writing poems about and for Mummy and crafting. For the last few days I have not been allowed into the classroom just in case I saw something, they were all ‘keeping mum’. As you can imagine the whole of pre-prep were excited this morning – it was strictly no mummies allowed! So this afternoon I will take a little supply of hankies, because I always cry!!

So to baking for Mummy or baking with Mummy – my daughter helped me make these, it is soo lovely to have a little person that loves to bake with you, teaching her how to measure and how to mix and lovely ways to decorate – priceless memories. My son well he is chief taster and likes to tuck in once we have finished!

We made these simple muffins, I made the recipe really simple so that my daughter could make them all by herself

Mothers Day Cup Cakes

What you will need

  • 8oz(200g) self raising flour
  • 8oz Butter
  • 6oz Castor Sugar
  • 1 tsp Baking Powder
  • 3-4 Free Range Eggs
  • 2 drops vanilla essence


  1. Simply add all the dry ingredients to the bowl and gently stir
  2. Add butter and eggs and vanilla essence
  3. Mix everything thoroughly

These work best using a deep muffin tray with liners in each muffin

Makes approx 12 muffins, bake at 180 degrees centigrade for approx 15 minutes

We then decorated our muffins using butter icing and edible flowers

How to make the Butter Icing

  • 4oz (100g) Icing Sugar
  • 4oz Butter
  • a few drops of water
  • 2 drops vanilla essence

Soften the butter by mixing it in bowl gently add the icing sugar and mix, add the vanilla essence, depending on the consistency of your icing (it should be thick bt easy to apply to cakes) add a few drops of water if it is too thick and wont apply smoothly.

We also used simple icing mixing the icing sugar with a drops of water, a drop of vanilla essence and mix thoroughly, the icing should just coat the back of a spoon.

Decorate and make pretty

For a little more effect you can take your group of cakes, find a pretty plate, place your group of cakes on it and wrap with cellophane and tie with a bow.

Have fun, let me know how you decorated your Mothers Day Muffins

See you tomorrow, thank you for reading

Katie x

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