How to make Plum Jam

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The season of Jams and Chutneys – so here we are a taste of the season, Plum Jam. I have a basic rule for Jams and Jellies. When making JAM I measure out the quantity of fruit that I am usingas this dictates the amoun of sugar that I will use, however when making a JELLY, the amount of sugar to be used is determined by the amount of juice that you are left with after boiling up the fruit.

Plum Jam

So to Plum Jam . . .this is how I make mine. I follow the way my granny used to make it and it does seem to always work.

  • 1 kg (2.4lbs) Ripe Plums
  • 1kg (2.4lbs) Jam Sugar

3-4 1lb (420g) sterilised jars  – To sterilise your jars see my post on Blackberry Jelly

  1. Cut your plums in half and remove stones, place in a large dish
  2. Place 3 saucers in the fridge to test for set
  3. Cover with the sugar and leave overnight. This keeps the plums whole in the jam and gives you a jam with peices of fruit.
  4. Add your fruit and sugar to a heavy bottom saucepan and gradually bring to the boil, stirring constantly until all of the sugar has dissolved about 15minutes. It is important to ensure ALL of the sugar has dissolved, if not your jam will be sugary.
  5. Now boil rapidly for 15 – 20minutes until the stting point is reached. To test for the stting point take a teaspoon of your jam and place on a plae from te fridge leave for 5 minutes, if the setting point has been reached, then the jam will wrinkle as you draw your finger over it. Keep testing until this happens
  6. Once the setting point is reached pour into your sterilised jars and seal


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  1. If your jam isn’t setting add some lemon juice ( 2 tblspoons at a time)
  2. Seal your jars when jam is still hot as it cools it will seal the lids on the jars
  3. Purchase a Jam Thermometer they are so useful

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