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The first produce of the season is always exciting and this year thanks to the wonderful weather it has hapened a little earlier than usual.

The vegetable garden is in full flow, with the potatoes coming up, the onions are growing, lettuce, radish, red cabbage, spinach, broad beans. are all sprouting forth,  almost to the point where another patch needs to be found! Maybe not I dont think there are eneough hours in the day!! and that means that the HUGE!! pile of ironing in the utility will grow faster than enything in the garden! I dont know about your garden, but at this time of the year there is so much happening in the garden, one tiny shower of rain can cause a sudden burst of growth.

And so it was that we had our first produce, we sat and ate a mix of salad leaves, with some spinach and our eggs and then for pudding a strawberry. Yes we had one strawberry each  – there were 4 ready and each tasted magnificent because it was grown on home soil!

This weekend I planted a few more flowering seeds. Around the outdoor eating area, my son and fantastic helper had tidied and dug a little border, so I planted a mix of annuals, and then in the corner which I have just about finished giving a makeover some more free flowering annuals, in the new border some Love in a Mist and Cosmos in theory they are all easy to grow and should give a blaze of colour in the months to come.

I am pleased to tell you that the Dahlias that I planted are all starting to sprout,- so exciting, since the heavy rain I have sprinkled liberally with broken egg shells to keep the slugs away.

I even managed to find a few flowers in bloom and my Sweet William is blooming so I picked one stem! These tea lite holders also make sweet little vases.

So there we are the first of the produce has arrived, happy gardening – what is growing in your garden?

Thank you for reading, till next time

Katie x                                         

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