Discovering Desserts in Unusual Places

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Today I am discovering desserts in unusual places! Yes really! 

Well,  the last few days have been just a tiny bit stressful (that’s a clue), there has been website updates and changes, uploading lots and lots of new information to, then there is Halloween, Bonfire Night, a possible e- book for Christmas (if I can meet the deadline) and then dare I say it Christmas itself not to mention 3 birthdays, one per child and then GTH (G the husband). Oh and the doggy who managed to rip his chest open while running across the fields. . .oh and a half painted house, a kitchen that is in disarray and 4 roman blinds in a state of half finished . . . There has been a moment or two when sitting in a corner with a duvet over me has been appealing but I carry on.

So getting back to discovering desserts in unusual places as I sat at my desk I scribbled STRESSED across the top of my page and that is when I saw the light  . . .  can you see it?


(stressed spelled backwards = desserts!) 

So if you are feeling slightly stressed by life then  pop over to and take your pick from an array of wonderful desserts, let me know which one you chose, lets see which one comes out favourite OR  if you have a favourite dessert upload your picture and comments onto our FB page

As to desserts here are just a few to be going on with 

Lemon Meringue Pie 

Raspberry Cheesecake

or perhaps just make a HUGE CHOCOLATE CAKE !

 Take care and thank you for reading

Katie x

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