How to Make an Easter Tree

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Decorating an Easter Tree

The tradition of making an Easter Tree is older than you may think, especially in parts of Europe where it has long been part of the family traditions in the weeks before Easter.

It is quite simple to do, chose some twigs, ones with lots of little branches to hang your decorations from.

I have painted some of the twigs white and left some in the natural state.

Place some oasis (foam) in the bottom of your jug or pot and push your branches into the foam  to keep them upright, next decorate your eggs and tie some ribbon around to hang them up. Choose bright colours. You can use wooden eggs or polystyrene eggs or real eggs. To use real eggs pierce either end of the egg and blow, you want them empty. Once empty paint and decorate them.

Hang your decorations and enjoy For all of our Easter Make and Bakes – have fun

Take care and thank you for reading, till next time

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