How to Make an Easter Egg Cosy

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This is a lovely craft project for you and your children.

You will need

  • 1 felt square (30 x 30cm)
  • scrap of material for chicken
  • Embroidery thread

If you would like to use my template please download How to make an Egg Cosy

Cut out 2 egg cosy shapes and 1 chicken and a small top tab it you would like to  include this

First  pin the chicken to the front half of your cosy, using small running stitches sew the chicken in place. Pin at an angle this makes it look as though the chicken is pecking her food

Using your embroidery thread sew;

2 straight stitches for the beak

4 straight stitches for the legs and feet

6 straight stitches for the comb on top of the head

4 straight stitches in a ‘W’ shape for the wing

3 knot stitches to sew the food

1 knot stitch to sew the eye

Now put the back and front of your egg cosy  together, sew the curve using blanket stitch, leaving the straight edge open.

You will find pictures and instructions for all the stitches here –  straight stitch, blanket stitch and knot stitch,

And there you have it and Easter Egg Cosy complete with Easter Chick

Instead of a chick, you could sew an Easter Egg on the front, or a flower or really whatever you wish.

But what ever you do have fun and enjoy making your Egg Cosy.

To make the fantastic Easter Present, add an egg cup and a creme egg ooooh!  Remember to look at all of our Easter Make and Bakes 

Take care and thank you for reading

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