How to Make an Easter Bunny Gift Box

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How to make an Easter Bunny Gift Box. Popping your cup cake or chocolate eggs into a home made gift box makes them an even more special Easter present.

This gift box is especially for Easter, an Easter bunny gift box to fill with chocolate eggs. Creme eggs, caramel eggs or simply lots of those lovely little eggs . . you know the ones I mean! or . . . an Easter Nest Cup Cake will also fit very well.

Start by downloading your Easter Bunny gift box template

What you will need

  • 1 A4 sheet of card
  • Easter Bunny Template
  • 1/2m Ribbon
  • 1 sheet of Tissue Paper
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Single hole punch
Start by cutting out your Easter Bunny
Using the guide lines on the template pencil in the bunny legs and feet
On the template there are dotted lines, with the inside of the bunny facing you lightly score along these lines, this to make it easier to  fold, now fold along the lines
Now with the two side of the bunny together use your hole punch and make a hole just under the head and just above the tail, Thread ribbon through the holes in both sides of the bunny and tie in a bow, this will now tie your Easter Bunny Gift box together
Fill in an eye, whiskers and a nose on each side to bring your bunny to life! Place some tissue paper inside your Easter Bunny gift box  and fill with Easter Eggs
For a simple and gorgeous present pop in a cellophane bag and tie with an Easter bow
Have fun.
My little girl and I will be making a few of these for special little Easter presents.
Remember you can take a picture of your Easter Bunny and upload it to our facebook page

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